Support starts with you. 

This is about you and how you imagine what that support looks and feels like.

Sometimes it is hard being faced with a list of ‘help’ and not be overwhelmed with who is going to be the best support you need. In aiding with this dillemma, we have included some questions in our "What questions to ask?" page that will guide you in understanding what support and which practitioners you will choose to support you with your healing. Remember, this is your choice. This is about you and understanding your own needs.

For more information visit the below links:
  • What do they know about my experience? – what language do they use to show me they understand trauma; do they offer any insight into themselves and who they are
  • Have they worked with survivors before? – what experience have they had, does that matter to me
  • How do they define their work? – does the language they use make me feel safe and that I can trust them

If you are a trauma-informed mental health professional, you can apply to be on the Trauma Support Provider Directory.