Complex-trauma training resources for health practitioners

There are a range of training and events designed to improve knowledge and practice when working with people who have experienced trauma. There are also different terms used and each type of training can have a different focus (i.e., general, for organisation and managers, practitioner specific, varied clients groups). When searching through the vast range of available training and events, it can raise some questions about which one is the best fit for you.

The following information is designed to assist you to select training or events that are fit for your purpose, that is, training that will increase your knowledge and skills but that is also the best fit for your role when working with people who have experienced complex trauma.

What types of training in trauma exist?
Within the trauma-related literature there is a distinction between trauma-informed care (also referred to as trauma informed practice/approaches) and trauma-informed interventions, encompassing both trauma-integrated and trauma-specific interventions. Briefly, trauma-informed care focuses on understanding how to be sensitive to individuals who have experienced trauma on a personal, practitioner, organisational and systems level. Whereas trauma-integrated interventions tends to refer to interventions that either integrate trauma informed practice or trauma-specific interventions that are employed to ameliorate trauma symptoms.

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If you are a trauma-informed mental health professional, you can apply to be on the Trauma Support Provider Directory.