Ms Leanne Joyce Fawcett

Ms Leanne Joyce Fawcett


Monday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
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I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist practitioner with a background in law enforcement and education. I have researched extensively and have experience in the areas of trauma and post traumatic stress.
Each trauma survivor has unique experiences and their journey is as individual as their responses to the trauma. I am passionate about working with clients to acknowledge their strengths, embracing their resilience in the journey towards healing and recovery.

While many trauma survivors show remarkable resilience, many are left struggling daily with their health, wellbeing, emotions, relationships and a sense of self and identity. I empower individuals so they recognise that they are the center of the care they receive. I have experience working with a variety of trauma survivors including survivors of child abuse, domestic violence, trauma related to military experiences and first responders. I am culturally aware and sensitive to the needs of culturally diverse groups. I am currently working with Aboriginal adult survivors of child abuse and have gained their trust in providing a collaborative approach to their healing.

I focus on five core principles of trauma informed care – safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment as well as respect for diversity. I do not re-traumatise or blame victims for their efforts to manage their traumatic reactions, and I encourage a message of hope and optimism that recovery is possible. Trauma survivors are unique individuals who have experienced extremely abnormal situations and have managed as best they could.

I provide a non-judgmental, safe environment, with support, acknowledgement and compassion. Individual sessions are specifically tailored to meet the clients' needs and are usually scheduled for 50 minutes, however this timeframe may vary depending on client needs. Counselling sessions may be conducted in counselling rooms at various locations, in the Clients home or via telephone/skype.

I have access to a wide variety of professionals within my network who I am able to refer clients to, if required, ensuring they receive the appropriate and timely support needed. I have regular professional supervision and practice self care to ensure I am at my best when working with clients.

I am passionate about using my experience and research to promote good mental health practices with practical and positive coping mechanisms. I understand the dynamics of traumatic stress, survivors in the context of their lives and the role of coping strategies. I ensure safety from harm and re-traumatisation, emphasise strength building and skill acquisition rather than symptom management, and foster true collaboration and power sharing between myself and those seeking help.

Counselling Fees
Face to Face - $95
Telephone / Skype / Zoom - $75
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South Western Queensland
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