Mrs Susan Leura Dawson MHSc. Dip Som Psych

Mrs Susan Leura Dawson MHSc. Dip Som Psych


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At the Emotional Wellbeing Centre, I offer you a safe non judgemental place to assist you to “get better”, move out of pain, and be more of who you really are. I am a qualified Somatic Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Kinesiologist, working holistically with you as a whole person. My Masters research (Vic Uni 1999) demonstrated the effectiveness of some of the approaches I offer.

My clients choose me when they feel they “need to do something” about reclaiming their emotional wellbeing in response to issues of overwhelm, pain, stress, depression, anxiety and trauma, grief and loss, pre and post birth support, assistance with relationship issues, self-esteem and pain management. In this I offer you my interest, experience and passionate commitment.

In my private practice of more than 20 years, I offer a psycho education and integrative body-mind approach to healing and well-being for the specific individual issues you bring.

I work holistically and ethically with a broad range of clients, including clients from the LGBTI community.

My training and experience in many body-mind oriented healing approaches has demonstrated to me that a somatic and integrative approach enables a better understanding of the underlying “story”and associated symptoms, both consciously and at the non conscious level.

Prior to this, I worked for many years as a nurse and midwife – including supporting birthing families in labour wards and birthing suites. My goal was to empower families and support a safe and positive outcome. Participating in such life changing events, I experienced the reality of how the body, mind and emotions interact. – and how trauma, grief and loss impact the whole body-mind complex.

Responding to parents who had suffered a stillbirth or neonatal death, I led the implementation of new more caring protocols at my workplace. These protocols have become common practice in hospitals today.

I am committed to providing the most current approach to care and support for my clients.

As well, I continue my own growth as a person and as a practitioner by continuing professional development and professional supervision, in compliance with or exceeding the requirements of those professional bodies of which I am a member.
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