Mrs Jenny Podorozhnaya

Mrs Jenny Podorozhnaya


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My name is Jenny and I am a Clinically Accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor with PACFA. I recognised the difficulty in reaching out for support as it can seem impossible to overcome obstacles from the past by shining lights into dark places, but I believe strongly that ultimately it is worth the journey. I believe that the adverse experiences from childhood trauma can be overcome and it is possible to move forwards into a life and relationships that have trust and support within them. In childhood when faced with a choice between betrayal detection and attachment the child has no choice but to choose attachment. In later life this can seem confusing and baffling to an adult who is coming to terms with the grief of a lost childhood, and judging their younger self as if they had access to all the resources of the adult. The longer term implications of the betrayal detection system being disabled impacts into adulthood and recognition of this can be a major part of the healing journey and one of the many ways that survivors of trauma can later become adults who thrive in their lives and their relationships.

During your appointment you will be greeted at reception and offered refreshments. Sessions last between 50 minutes and one hour and take place either weekly or fortnightly. Sessions go at a pace you are comfortable with and whilst as therapist I control the process, you as client control the journey. There is no obligation for you to discuss or disclose anything at a rate other than one you are willing to go at. I say this openly because for those who have had control taken from them in the past it can be important to know they are in the driving seat, going only at a rate they decide.

If you have any questions regarding me or my services please feel free to contact me to find out more without obligation.
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