Mrs Linda Conyard

Mrs Linda Conyard


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Linda's mission is to eliminate all unnecessary trauma in the world through education and training. She believes that we can make a huge impact and goes as far to say "we can save lives" if trauma is understood and is able to be recognised. Most people (including Linda prior to her studies in trauma and undertaking her own trauma recovery) are unaware that trauma is impacting their lives (both personal and business) to the level it does.

Linda Conyard is the Host and Producer of The Truth About Trauma TV, Author, Speaker and Trauma Specialist. Linda is the Director of an emerging organisation Phoenix Rising Foundation that will provide an alternative to the current Foster Care System. She seeks opportunities that will create sustainable change and make a difference to our world.
Linda's signature business program is 'Inner Work for Female Entrepreneurs' through which she mentors those who are courageous enough to truly face what is in their way. Her signature personal development program is 'Find Your New Normal' where she supports her clients to design their new normal through going to the core of their life issues. Both programs are a combination of one to one sessions and group sessions.

Linda is a thought-provoking speaker and facilitator. Her most popular topics are:
• Good Mental Health IS Good For Business;
• Trauma Informed Care; and
• Trauma's Not a Dirty Word.

She leads her audiences through a blending of her own personal stories and understandings with her academic knowledge which allows her listeners to engage with her material and come to their own AHAs.

Her facilitation skills are nothing short of life changing for many of her participants. She has the ability to make visible what is out of awareness.
Through her own learning and inner work, Linda has developed her own uniqueness in blending the multiple modalities and her lived experiences to facilitate growth in those who work with her.

Linda's qualifications are very broad and include:
• Master of Gestalt Therapy;
• Systemic Constellation Work Facilitator;
• Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) Facilitator;
• Yoga Teacher specialising in Trauma Sensitive Yoga;
• Ayurveda;
• Meditation;
• Midwifing Death;
• Spiritual Healing with the Dying;
• Pranic Healing and  more - A full list of qualifications is available on her website.

Linda is very community minded and has been volunteering for Karuna Hospice since 2007. She is able to have the difficult conversations around death and dying with anyone facing the end of their life or with their family. She supports Samford Support Network whenever there is an opportunity.

Linda provides a safe haven and forever home to animals. She currently has horses, goats, dogs and cats. She would love more land to give more animals the freedom to live their lives happily and safely. This is a driving force for her work and her business supports these animals and their freedom.
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